The Pillars of the Earth Explained in Bible Verses

Christian fundamentalists claim that the bible contains verses that display a level of scientific understanding. The verses are claimed to be written by an all knowing god. But does the bible holds up the scientific light which has occurred since it was written?

Job 3819

Verses used include Luke 17:34 and Isaiah 40:22, for the earth that is shaped like a round sphere that rotates. Reading the verses the one in Isaiah refers to the circle of the earth. Circles are usually two-dimensional objects. And even in the case that it did speak of a spherical earth, it would not proof that is was divine revelations. The ancient Greeks knew the earth was indeed spherical; t ey remained the first to calculate the circumference accurately by cleverly applying the basics of geometry.

The First Verse

In the first verse, it speaks of the second coming of Christ that it would happen at night, some would be asleep, other working at day-time in fields. It indicates a rotating earth with night and day at the same time. The verse also includes that there shall be two men in 1 bed, that one will be taken and on will be left behind. To explain that the sun is moving through space the verse in Psalms 19: 4 – 6 is used. Reading the passage, it says that his moving forth is from the end of the heaven and that his circuit is unto the ends of it. This reference is more focused towards the daily rising of the sun and a geocentric view of the cosmos.

Verses about Light

Verses about light that travel in a path and darkness that doesn’t is quoted by Job 38:19. The verse actually asks a question, it asks, where is the way to the light. The verse does not say that there is a light that travels, but that is a place does where there is dwelling light. Modern apologists demean the intelligence of ancient cultures by implying they could not have figured any of this out without the assistance of God, yet primitive societies have shown impressive knowledge in using plants as medicine, they can accurately forecast weather changes, track animals and construct shelters.

Angels & Demons the movie is fictional and not meant as a documentary on the potential catastrophes of religion. It’s a gripping film about how knowledge and faith could help society see another day. In the story’s plot, the argument is centralized around religion versus science and at the end, Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons concludes that both are needed in modern society. We cannot live without faith, and we need science. Both the novel and movie represents the church as a place of faith, the only place where the world desperately in need of hope can go to in trying times.

Movies like The Da Vinci Code and Angles & Demons get the audience to reflect on their faith, in fact, some churchgoers have found the message of the power of the church as positive.