The Four Elements, Altars of Science and Angels & Demons

The several stages described by Dan Brown’s path of the illumination represents four elements, which means it involves the ancient Greeks. In 433BC it was the scientist and philosopher Empedocles proposing that the earth composed of four elements, air, earth, water, and fire. In the 2000 years that followed this concept became the cornerstone of science, medicine, and philosophy. Even used to describe temperaments of a person the elements stands up to four states that modern science agreed on, liquid, solid, gas and plasma. Liquid being water, solids the earth, gas represented by air and plasma by fire.

The Four Elements

Brown cleverly links all four elements to sculptures from Bernini, some displayed in chapels which immediately links the Catholic churches. The path of the illumination is only open to exploring by those with a knowledge of deciphering secret codes. His use of a professor explained. The path revealed by landmarks and statues across Rome, leading to the Illuminati’s secret place of meeting.

What made this book even more popular is that Brown uses landmarks that do exist, all are real historical sites. Tourist can follow the path for themselves and wonder if the path really only forms grounds for the author’s fertile imagination. Yet the increase in tourists to these specific sites might indicate differently.

Did the Illuminati Really Exist?

What Dan Brown also creates is discussion around the secret society, does the/or did the Illuminati exist? Conferring to other conspiracy theorists, the shadowy society is responsible for the French revolution and 9/11. In the film, they want to destroy the Vatican. Facts state that there once was a real group founded in 1776 called the Illuminati. This group was a freethinking brotherhood made up of politicians and intellectuals. Their aim was to overthrow the Kingdom of Bavaria and Roman Catholics as it restricted their freedom.

In Angels & Demons, the movie, and novel the secret society returns after a period of 200 years, or is it true, did the brotherhood never actually end and was forced before to go underground as Conspiracy theorists believe. Other theorists believe that Tony Blair and/or Winston Churchill was part of the Illuminati, even that it infiltrated the media, banks, schools and colleges. The Bilderberg secret society is also mentioned with its members consisted of financiers and politicians. The latest assembly in Athens, well some same attendees include Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gerald Ford.

Dan Brown’s statement to the high court in Britain speaks about his research and inspiration for his novels, Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. He says professor Langdon is an amalgamation of people he admires. He explained he also that he used the fusion of elements such as fire, water, air and earth to represents the fusion of religion history and science. His novels contain ambigrams created by John Langdon, and the Illuminati diamond is an ambigram of the elements arranged in a diamond shape.