Illuminati Ambigrams

The word Illuminati means the illuminated ones, and while there is a group that uses the name, there is also a mythical organization, one imagined that conspires behind the surface. Founded in 1776 is the real Illuminati, its purpose is to provide fellowship for those who are not inclined to support the Catholic Church. Karl Theodore in 1984 banned all secret societies; these included the Illuminati.

The Illuminati has been powerless since then. But secret societies goes back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. The more modern forms of secret societies emerged around the seventeenth century in England. The freethinker movement believed in the virtues of nature and was opposed to the church. A difficult to bond to document is the connection that may be between the Freemasons and the Illuminati; some believe, was a meeting where representatives of the Freemason and Illuminati met under the protection of duke Brunswick.

The Freemasons was first formed in the 16th century, it practices enlightened values, including belief in a supreme being, equality of men, and charitable activities. Many differ and says the masons are signified by promise, oath, and loyalty to the brotherhood. It is still a global organization, ensures lots of persecution and criticism. They are often thought off as an organization who wants world domination, or maybe they do run the world from behind the scenes. Their most commonly used sign is all Seeing Eye, which derived from Egyptian mythology.

Author John Robinson

Author John Robinson

John Robinson, a British author, wrote a book about the connection of the Illuminati and Freemasons in 1798. He connects various societies and groups in a conspiracy against the governments and religions, point’s finger against the intellectual Adam Weishaupt and the order of the Illuminati.
Historians believe that several societies are opposed to the church, spreads anti-monarchist ideas, and sees it as holding back freedom, progress, and scientific development.

Angels & Demons gives an impression that societies like the Illuminati had already penetrated the United States Treasury and the British Parliament, in which they have also established a new world order, and destroyed the Vatican. But in the end, Dan Brown shows that the Illuminati no longer exists, except in the minds of demented individuals. Still, the subject is fascinating to modern readers. Albert Einstein said that a legitimate conflict between religion and science could not exist. That science without religion are lame, and that religion without science are blind.

In Angels & Demons, Langdon says that new illuminati that have emerged are darker, deeply anti-Christian, extremely powerful, and vowing to rise and take revenge. Yet the end proposes is that where religion prevails, it is, as a whole, the society that cannot make disciples, nor can a nation be made into slaves. So to destroy us, our enemies must first, from the house of god, seduce us.