Dan Brown: Best Selling Author

Classified as the New York Times bestselling author, Dan Brown’s top selling books include Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Inferno. Yet the author has been known for several other books including titles such as Deception Point, The Lost Symbol, Digital Fortress, The Fifth Gospel, Holy blood, Holy Grail about The Shocking Legacy of the Grail & The Secret History of Christ, The Einstein Prophecy and more.

Dan Brown

A short description of who Dan Brown really is, confirms that the American author of thrilling fictions is best known for The Da Vinci Code, which also turned into a box office hit at the movies. Born in 1964 the author says he is greatly influenced by William Shakespeare, Robert Ludlum, Leonardo da Vinci and Sidney Sheldon.

Brown is the son of a church organist, and a Mathematics teacher was raised on the school campus and claims that is where he developed a fascination for the paradoxical interaction between religion and science. He is the author of numerous number one bestselling novels when The Da Vinci code became the bestselling book of all times and quickly became a debate amongst scholars and readers. This book was published in over 54 languages and sold over 200 million copies.


He was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2005 by the TIME Magazine. His focus and interest in Christian history & Leonardo da Vinci have spiked tourism to Rome and Paris.

Capturing the imagination of his readers in the novel called Inferno, the author’s riveting thriller is one in which he returns to his element and crafts one of his highest staked novels to date. In Angels & Demons, he describes the vendetta of the Illuminati against the Catholic Church. Two off Dan Brown’s books have been turned into the most watched films of the century. Tom Hanks is the leading actor in Angels & Demons, and uncovering evidence of the existence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati in return uncovers deadly threats.

Films based on his novels started with the Da Vinci Code, which starts off with a murder at the Louvre Museum. Filmgoers were surprised by the conspiracy, a religious organization that protects a secret of over 2,000 years old and they learned about dogma, makingDan Brown even more famous as an author.

In Angels & Demons, Brown write about the Illuminati’s surface from the shadows, he describes the final phase of the legendary vendetta against the Catholic Church, in this popular novel described as the most hated enemy. Described by critics as enlightening epiphanies of battles between religion and science, it’s the dark truths that keep readers hooked.

Dan Brown now have a huge fan base, eager to continue reading his novels and those who were not slaves to his words before became diehard followers after seeing Angles & Demons the movie. Many bought the video release of the film, and it’s the long forgotten secrets, ancient symbols and unanswered questions that keep them wanting for more.