AltarsofScience is dedicated to the movie Angels and Demons by author Dan Brown. This novel has now achieved legendary status and loved by those who find science and how it interrelates to religion. You will find a number of interesting articles throughout this site that relate to the movie, the characters, the elements of science and even an explanation of the Pillars of Earth.

In addition, you may find interesting the article about Chapel of Chigi and the Habakkuk sculptured by Bernini. This has some wonderful information on the sculpture and how it was created. Another article of interest is the Illuminati Ambigrams as it is filled with information about the Illuminati and the oath they took.

Angels and Demons – The art of science

The author of Angels & Demons was crowned as the best author by the New York Times, and although his most discussed novels, turned into movies are The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons other must-read titles include The Fifth Gospel, The Einstein Prophecy, and Digital Fortress. His greatest inspiration comes from Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, and Robert Ludlum. In 2005 he was named as one of the top 100 most influential people of all times by TIME magazine. His novels have increased travel to Paris and Rome.

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A closer look into the stages of illumination representing the four elements leads back to ancient Greece, and the scientist Empedocles. He was the first to propose water, air, earth and fire as the four elements. Angles & Demons also gets conspiracy theorists thinking, and some believe that Winston Churchill and Tony Blair could be part of the secret society, while other thinks it has infiltrated banks, the media, colleges, and schools.

Christian fundamentalists claim that the bible does show a level of scientific understanding and presents a list of bible verses to proof it. Yet others believe that Angels & Demons are totally fictional, a gripping film based on knowledge that faith and science could enable society to see another day. Albert Einstein said that no legitimate conflict could exist between science and religion, and that religion without science are blind and that science without religion is lame.

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